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Praise Canada: Clayton Worbeck & Neverending White Lights

I hope everybody felt at least somewhat united after yesterday’s 9/11 memorial, even if the feeling was fleeting. It’s not difficult to recall the sense of togetherness many of us felt 10 years ago, I hope that if anything reignites that kind of spark in our daily lives (with the political climate, economy, philosophical meanderings that people like me are prone to) that music is the conduit.

We have some spectacular friends from Canada marking joyful noises of all kinds, so let’s give our northern neighbor and her spectacular music-making fiends a little love today.

One of my favorite people is the one and only Clayton Worbeck of Stayte and Vancouver, BC,, or as I affectionately call him, ‘Mohawk Motherfucker’. It looks like Clay’s next remix masterpiece is due out shortly, this time with the innovative IAMX. Stay tuned for “Volatile Times”, out September 23rd. The last time Clay was in California, we partied a little with Joshua Bradford. No animals were taunted in the making of the following video follies, aside from myself. I gave consent, what’s your problem?

If we make our way east, we’ve got Neverending White Lights; it’s looking as through Act 3 is imminent, which makes me hyper and breathy. Until then, check out Windsor, Ontario-bred Daniel Victor’s collaboration with Bed of Stars. This is “Falling Apart” and despite the title, it’s not about me. If you dig it, and you should, you can grab it off iTunes right now. If you missed out on NWL’s prior recordings, I suggest you become intimately acquainted with them immediately. I’m loving Evan Konrad in the mix, Daniel Victor knows talent when he sees it. Dan is money. So are hand-claps, we do not spit on the almighty hand-clap here.

Have an amazing day. We’re going to have some Barb Wire Dolls for you later. Are you ready to fuck a punk? I thought so! Me too! (Sorry, mom.)


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  1. Thanks eh! MT Praise Canada: Clayton Worbeck (@clayton_worbeck) & Neverending White Lights (@iamNeverending) – http://t.co/UnWADhS

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