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Easter at DefyAuthority.NET: EVIL BEAVER, Great AmeriCon, SoundCheck Hollywood.

I had a magnificent Easter! It was a really pleasant day of relaxation and catching up with friends. Even though I don’t observe Easter religiously, as I come from Yippie Jew stock, it made my heart (yes, I have one) swell when my friend Evie Evil sent me holiday greetings via text; Evie went home to Chicago and partook of late Easter services like the good Greek girl she is since she’s going to do unholy things at The Viper Room on May 2nd at 9.00PM and knows she’d best atone in advance; that’s how high the sin-dex forecast is for that evening, folks. If you’re able to attend the show but don’t, you’re sinning anyhow, so you might as well come on down, it’s only $5.00. See the visual below for the eye-candy, and visit Evie’s site to hear her aggressive vocals laced with shit-kicking bass to get an idea of what I’m talking about. When my friend Dayle unites bad-assery under the banner of Dayle Gloria Presents, she brings the big-guns and takes no prisoners.

Evie Evil in command of the stage and every patron's attention span.

Speaking of all that, you know about the modern-day affinity between Greeks and Jews, right?

You can thank Frank Zappa for bridging a divide that raged in the Holyland for eons; Christos Anesti to all my Greek friends around the world for whom this holiday is very meaningful. Jewish girls rule, and in turn, so do Greek girls. This is a fellowship here!

Frank Zappa: Ambassador of absurdity, fun, friendship and sexy time.

Some of our friends from Stayte will be going out on the road soon with like-minded musical collaborators; there will be aural sex! Bob Ross couldn’t have come up with the ingredients that comprise The Great AmeriCon, but that’s okay, this line-up would scare all the happy little birds out of the happy little trees, it’s going to be loud and absolutely not for the faint of heart.

Great Americon

I suggest you protect your hearing or they'll wrest it from you. They take souvenirs.

I’ve met these guys in a variety of different configurations over the years, I couldn’t dream of a better backbone/ solid Jenga tower to support Combichrist on tour in May! Would you like to know when and where Great AmeriCon will appear with Combichrist? Here you go; I aim to please, and I will add new dates in the event that they are announced.

    May 19 – Santa Ana, CA – The Galaxy Theater
    May 22 – Phoenix, AZ – Nile Theater
    May 23 – Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
    May 24 – El Paso, TX – Club 101
    May 25 – Lubbock, TX – Jakes

I’m being forced to keep a massive secret from all of you right now, but I want everybody to know that one of the most bitchin’ musical collaborations in history is currently underway. When I get the go-ahead, I will write this fucker in the sky, it’s that massive. Until then, I invite you to day-dream about something that will have to be heard to be believed.

Do me a favor, especially if you’re in Los Angeles or at the very least Los Angeles-adjacent, and give some love to SoundCheck Hollywood. As I upload this, the store, located at 8872 Sunset Blvd, is only a little over a week old. SoundCheck and I have very similar philosophical beliefs, in addition to my unwavering love for brick and mortar record stores a stone’s throw from where I reside, so please follow them on Twitter or visit the store whenever you find (or make) time to do so; tell ‘em Lauren from DefyAuthority.NET sent you. Show some love and support to a new business on a mission to rock as hard as humanly possible, because I couldn’t endorse that concept more than I already do.

It was nice to take a day and a half off! We’re getting back on track; upcoming show info, artist profiles, tales from SXSW, which are especially poignant now that I’ve had some time to reflect on how profound SXSW 2011 really was. We’ll see you soon.

Shooting Stars (MSTR MP3 2011) by Ruby Friedman Orchestra

That’s to fix the Ruby Friedman Orchestra deficiency in your life. You’re welcome. It’s a parting gift! I have work to do, I’ll entertain you more later! Until then, I leave you with … RUBY!


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  1. Calorie-free Easter treats at DefyAuthority.NET: @EVILBEAVER, Great AmeriCon, @SoundCheckStore Hollywood – http://bit.ly/gz3ivd

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