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I Love You, Puffs Plus.

I’ve been out of commission for way too long; not by choice, mind you, but because whenever I think the cold/flu amalgamation I’ve been getting schooled by since the beginning of 2011 has grown tired of me, I get my ass kicked all over again. It’s been lousy as far as morale goes, not to mention the number it has done on my productivity, considering it’s been ages since I’ve gone out to see a show. I’ve made a few attempts to hang out with friends and colleagues, only to pay for it later with serious fatigue and the dark art of going through boxes of tissues prodigiously.

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Since I don’t like bitching about the extent of the discomfort I’m enduring, I tend to go radio-silent here when I have nothing nice to say, which is a great opportunity for you to see what’s going on with other people I love; for instance, you can always go Ask The Bad Man. That is, if you can take it. The Bad Man’s brand of true, tough love isn’t exactly for the dance recital set.

Most of the current music news that I wouldn’t discuss in the first place has taken center stage elsewhere, which is perfectly fine with me. For instance, you lot weren’t going to catch me falling all over myself for the 2011 Grammy Awards or Radiohead’s latest release; I find what my boy Daniel de Blanke of ROBOTANISTS and their take on “The King of Limbs” infinitely more fascinating than the actual Radiohead record. When it comes to taking an artist to task, I like to leave that to Travis Keller of BUDDYHEAD.COM because he excels at putting people on blast.

Ysanne Spevack recently appeared in Wallpaper Magazine!

Ysanne Spevack

Ysanne Spevack: Loves Strings and Coconut

Ysanne programmed an evening of music for KXLU in honor of Valentine’s Day. The potpourri of tracks that made it on the air included music she has composed or lent her considerable talent to, as well as music she holds close to her heart. You can listen to Ysanne’s broadcast in full by checking out her bandcamp.com page.

Planning for SXSW has been slightly turbulent, just because we’re getting down to the wire and there’s a lot to do! Seeing as I’ve found the preparation process pretty amusing, I’ll be documenting it here.


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